Los Angeles Unified School District

Return to Campus - Program Selection Form
PURPOSE OF THIS SURVEY: This selection form is intended to gather information about your choice for instructional models for your child(ren) when students are able to physically return to campus – the options you select below will help determine how your child will participate in instruction. For more specific information on the models covered below, please review our Return to Campus Family Guide here . By default, students will be placed in the Hybrid Model if no response is collected. We ask that all families complete this program selection form by Sunday, December 6.
We understand that the condition of the COVID-19 virus in Los Angeles will continue to change. As a result, we are asking you to please complete this program selection form based on the information we know so far, even though things may be different in the future. Please also keep in mind that the models described below are also subject to change based on the latest health and science information. Any model of in-person instruction will require students to be tested for COVID-19 before returning to campus, as well as physical distancing, use of face coverings for all staff and students, and daily health checks and temperature checks prior to arriving on-site.
To ensure the safest environment possible, LAUSD has also set up a program for COVID-19 testing for school employees and students. We will use the testing program to identify COVID-19 infection prior to becoming symptomatic, which will allow the district to keep schools open so healthy teachers and students can teach and learn. More detailed information about the testing program can be found here.
*To ensure accuracy, we ask that you complete a separate selection form for each child who attends an LAUSD school
* Indicates required field.
This is a 10-character ID unique to your student. You may find your child’s Student ID in Parent Portal, for those who have registered, or on your child’s report card. You may also call your child’s school or the Helpdesk at (213) 443-1300 to access this information.
Some of the time
Not applicable
A consistently quiet space to work
A laptop or computing device
Reliable access to the internet
A suitable chair/desk for conducting work
Access to paper, writing utensils, or other materials to complete schoolwork
Motivation to complete schoolwork from home
Communication and Support
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